The Father’s Day Play - starring….

Father’s Day is coming up, but you’d never believe it. And the few ads that remind us of the date all say…

‘sale’, ‘discount’, ‘buy, buy, buy’.

Father’s Day is pretty much a commercial event on the corporate calendar. It is that, and a poorly written play, where villains and understudies have more appearances than the brilliant actors who supposedly star the show.

In others words…

‘Fathers who weren’t around’ are bashed in the spotlight , ‘Mothers who fathered’ are highlighted front and centre and the ‘few good fathers’ are remembered in the wings.

Now if your mother, grandmother, aunt or other guardian was the only or best support in your life then I can see why this happens.

But Mother’s Day is to mothers as Father’s Day is to… 

There must be one degeh degeh man out there who we know or observed maintaining a fatherly presence in the life of his or someone else’s child. Either to lead, teach, coach mentor or simply support. Is it so hard for us to say something positive to or about this person, for one day? Is it too much to give a shout-out or big-up or do something for this person…even if only for ONE day?

Regardless of the fact that a lot of persons might not have had a ‘father’ around, the good ones out there…

that are actually trying! And Lord knows THEY. ARE. TRYING 

 …should never be overlooked!

 I’ve never heard anyone talk about bad mothers on Mother’s Day. If it happens, it’s clearly not a widely practiced ritual in the Mother’s Day culture. So why do we continually underrate the ‘few good men’ in this play, and highlight the bad actors who shouldn’t even have appeared on stage to begin with.

This is a negative culture that has been permitted to transcend for too long. But we’re all playwrights in the upcoming Father’s Day play. So I hope we can fire the bad actors this year and applaud or even give standing ovations to the few underrated stars.